Service provided to various fishing companies (Tunacor, Merlus, Abroma, Gendev, Seaflower etc.)


Shamrock Investment Cc takes immense pride in our collaboration with esteemed clients in the marine industry. One of our noteworthy projects includes our service to the renowned Marine Consultancy from 2017 to 2021, demonstrating our commitment to excellence, innovation, and reliable partnership.

Services Provided:

Marine Infrastructure Enhancement

Our collaboration with Marine Consultancy encompassed a comprehensive suite of services aimed at enhancing marine infrastructure. From innovative construction methodologies to the deployment of cutting-edge equipment, Shamrock Investment Cc played a pivotal role in contributing to the development of marine facilities crucial for our client’s operations.

Tailored Solutions for Fishing Companies

The scope of our engagement extended to providing tailored solutions for prominent fishing companies, including Tunacor, Merlus, Abroma, Gendev, Seaflower, among others. This involved a meticulous approach, ensuring that our services aligned seamlessly with the unique requirements and challenges faced by each company within the dynamic fishing industry.

Key Achievements:

  • Operational Efficiency: Through strategic construction and infrastructure improvements, we significantly enhanced the operational efficiency of our client’s marine facilities.
  • Client Satisfaction: Our commitment to client satisfaction was evidenced by successful collaborations with major fishing companies. Tunacor, Merlus, Abroma, Gendev, Seaflower, and others experienced improved functionality and upgraded infrastructure during our tenure.
  • On-time and On-budget Delivery: The project, valued at N$ 800,000.00, was not only completed within the stipulated timeframe but also adhered to the allocated budget, showcasing our dedication to project management excellence.

Legacy of Success:

Our partnership with Marine Consultancy stands as a testament to our ability to navigate the complexities of the marine industry. Shamrock Investment Cc continues to build a legacy of success, contributing to the growth and sustainability of businesses within the fishing sector.

As we reflect on this pivotal project, we carry forward the experience gained and the relationships built, ready to embark on new challenges in the ever-evolving marine and construction landscape.

Let’s Build Your Success Story Together.
Shamrock Investment Cc